Chasing Hunts

Chasing Hunts is an app that engages  to travel around the world by finding hunts. This app helps people interact with their friends in a fun way as well to explore new adventures. With a twist of earning rewards while playing and then exchange them for hunts.


UX/UI Design || User Research || Information Architecture

Tools Used

Sketch || Invision|| Balsamiq || Usability hub || Optimal sort 


Researching The Project

Studied users systematically and their requirements, to add realistic context and insights to the design process. 

Prototyping & Testing

Tested the prototypes with users, to make sure the user flow is simple enough and easy.

Refining The Design

The designers were redesigned as per the results of the prototyping and testing.

Competitive Analysis





User Interviews

To better understand users, the user interviews were conducted so that a product for them can be produced according to their needs and their uses.

Analyzing the Data

Affinity Map

User Personas

To better understand users, the user interviews were conducted so that a product for them can be produced according to their needs and their uses.


Mobile Designs

Mobile Designs were created for mainly 3 functions using Balsamiq. The three main functions were search, Get Tickets and Exchange Rewards.

Using these mobile first designs further wireframes were developed starting from low fidelity sketches to mid fidelity wireframes were created after user testing.

Further based upon the changes suggested by the users, the improvements have been done in  the final prototype

Wireframes & Sketches



To search  a hunt user will click on the select event and then type the name of the city.







Usability Testing

Participating & Scheduling

There will be 6 participants in total from my network and family. The devices used were mobiles, laptops, and desktops. Following is their detailed information.

The issues in usability Testing were as follows:

Issue#1 “Return ” button instead of “Go”  Suggested Change:

Change the keyboard, users were getting confused because of the Return button as an enter on the keyboard, they assumed that this is not an enter but a return button.

Issue#2 Search button Suggested Change:

Issue#3 Button for type of hunts on the main image and all main information.

Issue#4  Apply Coupon
Suggested Change: Apply coupon link was confusing users that what if they don’t have any coupon or they don’t want to apply code, this should be

Issue#5  Earn Rewards Page
Suggested Change: The home page of rewards will not be the information page anymore whereas it will be the actual rewards earning and challenges page and all the instructions on how to do it will be at a new link (the button help)

Deesign Document

The same font is used throughout the app. and to make the next visible at every place  which is easily readable, very little variations in size have been done in this app to keep it very simple app.

My Work